Attend a lecture at the Santa Fe Institute

The Santa Fe Institute is a world renown science research institute/think tank. It is a private, not-for-profit, research and education center where leading scientists, researchers, post doctoral fellows, and scholars from around the world collaborate across disciplines in order to grapple with the most complex problems of our time.

If you love TED talks, you may enjoy attending a free lecture at the Santa Fe Institute. The public is invited to their community lecture series. If you are interested in listening to world renown geniuses lecture on esoteric subjects, then you may enjoy attending one of their lectures. Think of it kind of like TED talks by geniuses for geniuses. The following video gives you an idea of what the talks are like. The lecture series are not dumbed down for the public and are challenging for lay people but cover many interesting topics.

The campus is located in the foothills above the city and is a lovely environment which adds to the enjoyment of the experience.

If this quirky, unique experience sounds intriguing to you, then be sure and check out their events calendar for public lectures and take the time out of your visit to see the campus and do something out of the ordinary by attending a public lecture at the Santa Fe Institute.