santa fe chiles


 Red or Green?

At most Santa Fe restaurants, your wait person will probably ask you the official New Mexico state question,  Red or Green?

What they mean is would you like a red or green chile sauce on your meal. The best answer is Christmas, meaning you will receive half green and half red.

The chile pepper is the foundation of New Mexico cuisine which is a hybrid of Native American and Spanish cooking. A green chile sauce is made from green chile peppers and the red chile sauce is made from the mature green chiles which are roasted and dried then powdered to make the red chile sauce. The locals like their red and green chile hot. The chiles range from “Woah, that’s spicy!” to “OMG, my mouth is on fire!” I like mine so hot it brings tears to my eyes and gives me the sniffles. However, for the uninitiated, I’d recommend you order your chile on the side until you know how hot you like it.


Uber is hands down the best way to get around Santa Fe for a visitor. Uber is a great value because Santa Fe is a small town so trips are usually inexpensive. Parking is difficult and expensive around the Santa Fe plaza area and many restaurants and shops have inadequate parking. Uber is the most convenient way to see and do things in Santa Fe. A rental car is best for short day trips away from town.

Good to Know

Use Uber.

Good to Know

Don’t Miss Events!

Santa Fe is blessed to have scads of events and activities throughout the year. Many Santa Fe events are world class and shouldn’t be missed. Always check to see if their are events or activities available during your stay.

sfrLocals use the Santa Fe Reporter to keep up with what is going on in this constantly active town and you should too. It will let you know if there is an annual event, or simply what’s happening during the week in the art, music, food, or lecture scene. Check the Calendar tab on the navigation menu for the best activity calendar for Santa Fe. Or the events Calendar on is also an excellent resource.